BETA – Radon professional Training Center
BETA – Radon professional Training Center


Reza Hosseini, PhD – Managing Director at RadonMarket, R&D Manager & NRPP MFM Certified Radon Professional at Niton srl

Here we want to talk about another instrument using a photodiode sensor, the RADON SCOUT HOME from SARAD.


The instrument’s name seems to be a home user device, which could be partially correct. However, it has many features that make it a valuable tool for radon professionals too.

To start, please see this short VIDEO OF RADON SCOUT HOME and then keep reading.
Now, let’s see some technical specifications of the RADON SCOUT HOME:

+ Measurement range: 0 – 1.000.000 Bq/m³
+ Clear display with yellow backlight
+ Humidity and temperature measurement
+ High-quality housing
+ Battery and mains operation
+ USB interface
+ Time-resolved measurement
+ Large data storage
+ Can be used in workplaces and in living rooms
+ Professional Software Radon Vision
+ English as default language on display, Spanish & German on your request
+ Factory calibration certificate on request at additional cost.


The RADON SCOUT HOME is made of hard plastic, and it is a robust instrument.
There is a display, a LED indicator, and one button in front of the device.
At the bottom, there is a USB socket and a turn on/off button.

The RADON SCOUT HOME has three models. The standard model, plus the Radon sensor, measure humidity and temperature. You can add pressure or a CO2 sensor to the standard model. However, for each device, only one of the pressure and CO2 sensors can be added, and not both of them.

The instrument’s display shows the radon averages for the past 24h and the radon average since the start of a measurement series. To see the temperature and humidity, you need to press the button once. At this point and if you have pressure or CO2 sensors included, their information will also be visible on display. By pressing the button another time, a beautiful yellow backlight illuminates. It could be helpful in dark environments.

The button under the device turns off and on the instrument.

Each time the instruments turn on, a new series of measurements starts. In this way, a professional can measure different locations and manage them easily.





One feature which separates RADON SCOUT HOME from other similar devices is the software.

The RADON VISION is one of the most completed software available to manage the radon measuring data and create reports.

The RADON SCOUT HOME connects to the software with a USB cable. It can benefit from the advantages of it without any additional cost.

The RADON VISION is freely available to download at:

The RADON SCOUT HOME is powered by the 2 x AAA battery or by using the USB socket.




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