BETA – Radon professional Training Center
BETA – Radon professional Training Center

Why calibrate a measurement instrument?


 📽️ In this video, we will answer this common question:

🗯️ Perché tarare uno strumento di misura?

✅ calibration has the purpose of defining the metrological characteristics of a measuring instrument;
✅ verifies the accuracy and precision of the instrument and determines the uncertainty;
✅ maintains the state of confidence in the measurement process;
✅ it is a requirement foreseen by the technical standards;
✅ with the calibration, a “dimensionless” calibration factor is determined, which can be used to correct the instrument’s response and make it more accurate.

Calibration: how often?
Calibration is a “snapshot” of the instrument’s characteristics at the time of the calibration itself. However, it offers no guarantees once the instrument has left the calibration center.
This is why it is essential to calibrate a measurement instrument periodically: we cannot know when the instrument could lose its calibration. The longer we wait, the greater the number of measurements carried out with an instrument that no longer works correctly.

We at RadonMarket recommend calibration at least annually.  

How are the instruments for measuring radon calibrated?
The IEC 61577 standard defines the requirements for calibration systems and thus helps us answer this question.
Calibrating radon instruments involves the use of a “STAR” (System for Test Atmospheres with Radon) chamber as follows:
✅ a sealed chamber where to place the instruments to be calibrated and the reference instrument;
✅ a certified radon source;
✅ a control system for the introduction of radon inside the calibration chamber;
✅ a system for monitoring internal environmental parameters;
✅ an exhaust system compliant with regulatory requirements.

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